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Passion and Patience, Go Bucks!

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This most definitely is posted for my enjoyment more than anyone who may visit here. But alas, that’s the way it should be, Blogs are all about sharing what we care most about!

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Passion and patience is the path to SEO, your customers, and conversions

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SEO is not for the timid nor the impatient.
SEO is for anyone who loves what they do and endeavors to understand the nature of others who would value or desire what they offer.

Impatient, do Pay Per Click (PPC).
Smart, learn form PPC and Keywords then spend all your time on SEO and becoming relevant with online social communities.

Patrick Sullivan has a great example of why he and I subscribe and study at the SEO school of Chris Drake & Firehost.com

“This link is wicked cool example of learning SEO article applied at Jigsaw Health where they know their customers need and value magnesium supplements.“

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