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From Ice Cream, with Love…

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Friends, family and fellow ice cream lovers…

Try as I might to create a catchy subject line that captures my mixed feelings since “leap-day,” I arrived at the five words in the subject that shares what amounts to the greatest professional journey of my career. I had the privilege to be associated with a product and brand that people worldwide have come to love… Cold Stone Creamery.

My days at Cold Stone & Kahala (the company that acquired Cold Stone in May ’07) are now over. Kahala will focus its marketing efforts within each individual brand versus having a marketing department that spans all brands for Promotions, Advertising and Interactive needs, this made my job dispensable. (who says having an extra day in 2008 is good?!)

As you all know my disposition, aside from being shocked, I left wishing everyone the best. After giving myself 24 hours to ponder, get pissed and pout, I woke up the next day with a renewed passion to take all that I learned, and all that I have helped build, to the next professional adventure.

This was also a time for me to unwrap a domain I purchased over 10 years ago (kevinmyers.com), and one I plan to use to communicate often with you all. I value your friendship, advise and stupid email jokes, please use the posting section on this site to keep the electronic part of our relationship going. I still have the same cell number and will send you all a note when I land with “the next best thing!”

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