Doug for Gov

Why Arizona needs Doug Ducey as Governor…

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Doug for Gov

When I have been asked why I believe Doug Ducey should be our next Governor, my answers are anchored from within my long term friendship with Doug plus from my time working for him at Cold Stone Creamery.

Doug is a great leader because he is transparent in his approach and inspires others to follow him towards a vision of success for Arizona.  So in MY WORDS, I would like to share what I believe Doug thinks about our future and the job of being our Governor.  Here is what I believe he would say and why I would like you to reach out to him to ask him yourself, and hopefully throw your support and vote his way.


Like millions of others, I picked Arizona as a place to live and a place for growth. That choice has become a reality both personally and professionally. My desire is to make this state the very best so that millions of others can be as fortunate.

Arizona first means it’s…

  • The best for living
  • The best place to raise a family
  • The best place to start a business
  • A place to resolve tough problems that plague our nation like education, healthcare and immigration.

Doug Ducey at Ewing 1

We’ve been blessed with some wonderful assets to build upon. Great people who blend a pioneering spirit with welcoming warmth to make any transitions easy. A great environment of optimism, sunshine and clean cities with new infrastructure. A healthy state economy that has turned to growth over the last four years. And the youngest state with a youthful and diverse population poised to become the #1 place in the US to build a small business.

Arizona is steeped in the traditions of our founders to provide for a better tomorrow for our children. My platform is designed to lay the foundation for the next 20 years of development. Building communities that attract more people to move here. Upgrading our public and private education systems. Keeping tax rates low and incentives high for entrepreneurs. Sponsoring things we are good at to get businesses to move here. Innovating in education and healthcare. And creating an open environment to invite immigrants to live and work here legally.

But, we also have some real issues to overcome. In education where we rank among the lowest in the country. We have a border that is a sieve and only marginally protected by our Federal Government that creates high crime rates. We have rising healthcare costs and a legislative agenda that is too often focused on protection and isolation vs. growth and leadership.

It’s time for Arizona to have leadership that espouses the virtues we stand for and lead the charge to take Arizona forward and make it first in the nation. It’s time for us to be the first thought for those seeking to find a better place to live and raise a family. First in economic growth. First in education. First is health and wellness. We owe it to ourselves to take these wonderful assets that God and our state leaders have left us and turn Arizona into the shining star our state flag shows it to be.

Join others like Barry Goldwater Jr. who feel its time to get Doug into the Governor’s office…

Doug and Barry Goldwater 2

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